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Everything is Temporary - How to Embrace the Ebb and Flow of Life

It can be easy to get caught up in the drama of life. Sometimes, it feels like everything is going wrong and that you have no control over your destiny. You may feel overwhelmed by uncertainty or worry about what's to come. In these moments, it can be useful to have a mantra, a short spiritual or motivational phrase which helps you to take a step back and remember that bad times do not go on forever, that all is fleeting, and difficult moments will pass.

For many people, focusing on the mantra "everything is temporary" enables them to break out of negative thought patterns and face the world with a more positive approach. These are incredibly powerful words, and in this article we will explore how you can use them to transform your life.

What does "Everything is Temporary" Mean?

When you repeat the mantra "everything is temporary", it should remind you that everything in life goes through its own cycle. Nothing lasts forever, so there's no point worrying about what might happen tomorrow or pondering on past mistakes; everything has an expiration date and eventually comes to pass.

While this may seem depressing at first glance, it can actually be a liberating thought because when we try to cling onto anything too tightly – whether wealth, material possessions, relationships or status symbols – they inevitably fade away from our lives due to one reason or another. However, if we have learned how to let go of these things without becoming attached in the first place, then all will unfold as it is meant to without creating feelings of regret or pain.

The Ever-Changing Cycles We Experience in Life

Health and Old Age

Health is one of the most obvious examples of the temporary nature of everything in life, because no matter how hard we try to keep ourselves young and healthy, sooner or later our bodies will succumb to illness or old age. However, this does not have to be a depressing thought; it can actually help you enjoy life more while you are feeling well!

In a similar way, as we get older our physical appearance changes and you may not feel as energetic or full of vitality as you did when you were younger. However, becoming older also brings a whole new set of experiences. It is a chance to slow down, to be meditative, contemplative, and reflect on everything you have done and achieved. Old age often brings wisdom and the opportunity to pass your life lessons onto others.


Relationships are another example of the transient nature of human experience. It's important to remember that it doesn't mean you have failed as a couple if things don't last; it just means that at some point there was an expiration date on that particular relationship. This does not make the time spent together any less valuable or meaningful because you were able to give each other love and support for however long it lasted. Indeed, developing these bonds with another person is one of life's greatest joys which many people take for granted. Enjoy it while it lasts and enjoy each other's company to the fullest.

Careers and Identity

We often define ourselves through our careers and the way we present ourselves to society: what we do, how much money we make, which interests us and so on. However, there comes a point in our lives, either through dismissal, unemployment, or retirement, when our careers no longer play a significant part in our lives, or the way we are perceived by ourselves or others. When this time comes, it is crucial that you are able to adapt to your new life without feeling lost or adrift.

How can this Mantra Help in Difficult Moments?

Loss and Grief

"Everything is temporary" means that the people you love are also only here for a limited amount of time, so it's important to cherish them while they're still with you because one day things will change forever. When someone dies, some people believe that their spirit lives on in our memories while others prefer to say goodbye completely and not focus on what used to be but rather look ahead to the future.

Either way, remember that death is a natural and inevitable step we must all take. People often make the mistake of thinking that death is the opposite of life, but that is not true. Death is the opposite of birth; life has no opposite, and whether in Heaven, in memory, at one with the Universe, the people you love never truly die; it is only their time here on earth that is temporary. Keep reminding yourself of this throughout your grieving process; it will help ease any pain or regret you may feel about losing somebody close to your heart.


It can be very hard to deal with break-ups, especially if you feel like you were the one who was wronged or has been left behind. Sometimes people cling onto relationships because they are afraid of being alone or facing an uncertain future on their own, but loneliness is part and parcel of life, and most people will experience it in one way or another. You cannot stop yourself from feeling lonely but you don't have to let it define your entire life either. Remember that these feelings too are temporary and that while it may feel like your heartbreak will never end, ultimately time really does heal all.

Instead of being swallowed up by your feelings, try to use this time wisely by focusing only on positive things which can improve your life; spend more quality time with your family and friends; take up a new hobby; meet new people; focus on getting a promotion; learn a new skill. You will soon come to understand why the relationship didn't work out. This will enable you to look at the situation objectively and use it for personal growth.

Financial problems

It's not just relationships that are temporary; money is temporary too. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, it can be easy to panic and start worrying about the future. Don't let the fear of what might happen paralyze you into inaction. Whatever may come, whether it's good or bad, will ultimately make you stronger if you allow it to.

With financial issues, taking a step back and not letting your emotions get the best of you is so important. It will be hard to do but it is a necessary step in getting your finances on track again. Remember that everything is temporary and you will find a way out of this situation eventually, even if it does take some time.


Depression is a serious matter which affects many people around the world. In fact, some studies have shown that as many as one in five individuals will experience clinical depression at least once throughout their life. This disorder can manifest itself through feelings of hopelessness and helplessness but it doesn't mean you are weak or that you can just "pull yourself together" like some people may suggest.

Taking medication for your depression may be necessary, but there are other things you can do right now to help yourself. Stay active by going outside; getting plenty of fresh air; exercising regularly; and eating lots of nutritious food. Surround yourself by people that make you feel good, and avoid situations and people that bring you down. Depression is a horrible illness, but follow your doctor's advice, reach out to loved ones, and you will see that this too is just a temporary bump on the road.

Family issues

Disputes and problems within families can be incredibly difficult on everyone involved because it is harder to just break off ties than you could with a friend who you weren't getting along with. Remember that all families have their problems but you can get past these difficulties if you take the time to understand each other's perspectives and treat one another with love and acceptance.

Try to put yourself in everyone else's shoes for a moment to see things from a different perspective. You may find that when you look at it this way, there is no reason why you cannot work through any issues together as a family unit. Remember that everything is temporary, including the time we have together with our loved ones. Instead of having an argument which could potentially damage relationships forever, try to find a solution so you can all get back to loving and supporting each other.

How to Practise Non-Attachment

Knowing that everything is temporary will help you to live a life of non-attachment, not allowing anything to define you or affect your happiness. Living this way is not always easy, it takes presence and self-awareness. Here are some ways to practise non-attachment so that you can learn to enjoy everything life throws at you:

  • Practice non-judgement - Allow situations to be just that, situations, not reflections on your character or worthiness as a person. Don't beat yourself up over anything because it will only make you feel worse and create more problems for you down the line.
  • Stay present - Being present in the moment is a great way to practice non-attachment. When you are able to live in the here and now, it becomes so much easier not to allow your fears about what might happen in the future influence how you feel right now.
  • Be grateful - Being thankful for everything that you have can help you value each day as an opportunity rather than something which can bring you stress or anxiety. Remembering all of the wonderful things you already have instead of worrying about getting more will improve your quality of life immediately!
  • Accept change when it comes - Remember that being attached to any one thing means that if anything were to change or go wrong then could be very painful. When things go wrong, accept that it wasn't to be, and try to learn from what happened.

Other Similar Mantras to Live By

This too shall pass

Whatever happens in your life, you will overcome it and move on to something new. Be patient with yourself when things get tough because this too shall pass.

Just go with the flow

Remember that life is a journey, you will encounter good times and bad. Be open to new experiences because they may lead to something amazing in the future. Try not to get too caught up with what has gone before or obsess over plans for the future because it's only going to fly by.

Everything happens for a reason

Everything really does happen for a reason, but you may never know what that reason is until much later on. Living your life as though everything has meaning will help you feel more connected to those around you and make you better able to handle whatever comes along in the future.

Don't sweat the small stuff

While there are some things which deserve your attention, most of them really don't matter all that much when we look at them from a bigger picture perspective. Save your energy for worrying only about the big issues instead of wasting time and energy getting stressed out over little things.

You have everything you need

You are enough just as you are. All of the things that people think they need to be happy, like fancy cars and big houses or designer clothes, do not matter in comparison to how fulfilled you can feel when you are present and conscious at all times. You already have all of the tools it takes for happiness right here within yourself.

Final Thoughts

The mantra "everything is temporary" reminds us that everything will come and go, and that the ebb and flow of life is something to be embraced. We all go through difficult moments in life, but by keeping this mantra close to your heart and at the front of your mind, it can prevent those moments from overwhelming you. Remember that nothing lasts forever, neither good times nor bad. Be present in the moment, embrace change when it comes, and see what life has in store for you next.