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Wednesday Wisdom: Free Yourself From Your Ego and Enjoy Life

You’re probably already familiar with the idea of the ego, especially if you participate in any kind of self-reflection, like meditation or yoga. While we can’t completely rid ourselves of our egos, we can quiet our personal ego so it doesn’t have as much control over our life. First, you have to more deeply understand what your ego is and what it can teach you.

What is the Ego?

There are different definitions of the ego, from different perspectives. We’re talking about the ego that can separate us from living in the present. In evolutionary terms, the ego has an important job - it makes us super aware of our surroundings. In our modern lives, this can translate to fear, self-judgment, and judgment of others.

How the Ego Creates Worry

The ego can create anxiety in our lives. A lot of them have to do with the future. “If … then …?”, “What will …?” But the thing is that the future doesn’t exist yet.

Projecting and worrying is a waste of precious energy. When you find yourself doing this, ask yourself: “Can I do anything about this right now?” If the answer is no, then stop yourself. Listen to your breath. Allow yourself to come to the present moment. Do something that brings you joy! If the answer is yes, then get to work! 

The ego thrives on separating you from the present moment. Here are three ways you can free yourself from your ego:

  • Be Grateful - Grab a piece of paper and write down all the things you’re grateful for. Start small, but keep writing. Maybe it’s raining and you love the smell and sound of the rain. Maybe your new gym clothes match perfectly and that makes you happy. Write it all down. 

  • Stop Complaining - The ego is addicted to negativity. Challenge yourself to remove complaining from your life for just a week. See what happens! Come back to gratitude when you catch yourself wanting to complain. Breathe. Find something beautiful, however small.

  • Choose Love - Start telling yourself that anything that doesn’t come from a place of love has no place in your life. It will bring you to a new perspective. It’s amazing what can come to you when you’re not trapped in anxiety and fear.

  • Working on yourself can be exhausting. Remember that feelings of failure come from the ego, too. Each breath, each moment you create is moving you toward your destination. Remember that you are arriving in self-love even as you begin.