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Live Inspired: with Brittany Rattinger

Brittany Rattinger
Yoga Instructor & Owner of Hamsa Power Yoga

Tell us about yourself and what you're passionate about.

My yoga studio, Hamsa Power Yoga has recently re-opened at half capacity due to COVID, and a lot of my time and energy has been going into making it thrive again with new intention and awareness. The rest of my passion goes to my 5 month old daughter, who is absolutely my heart and soul. The rest of me goes to my husband and to my yoga practice, which I try & share on Instagram.

What's your mantra? 

I have a Sanskrit mantra and a more western one; I shall keep my sacred, Sanskrit mantra private as I’ve been told to do, but my personal mantra has always been, “I am enough.” When I was younger, I threw myself into many unhealthy, abusive relationships because I felt that I didn’t matter. I was called stupid, ugly, etc. in school, and I acted out a lot due to lack of self-love / self-esteem. I gave myself away to men who treated my body with no respect because I had no respect for myself. Through therapy, meditation and the asana practice of yoga, I can now preach self-love because I have come to profoundly love myself. I know now that I am enough- not necessarily for others, but for myself. I don’t need to strive for much or think I deserve more. Enough is just that-enough; and I am content.

Favorite book (current or all time)? 

All time: “The Tibetan Book Of Living & Dying.”

I’ve always had a lot of anxiety around sickness & death. Sometimes I get crippling panic attacks when I think about dying. In the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, there are excerpts from people who (were) dying and how they found peace through the transition, there are chapters on mantra. It is a book filled with knowledge that doesn’t read like a PhD dissertation. It’s written so that we can all relate and hopefully be open to discussion after reading.

My other favorite book is “Ham on Rye” by Charles Bukowski because I’ll always love his gritty style of writing & I love most autobiographical novels. His coming of age story is dark and honest, which I have always appreciated.

How do you live inspired? 

It’s funny, but I have been seeing 2020 as a gift more than as a “trash” year. COVID-19 has opened my eyes in regards to how I can be a better business owner. The current awareness around inequality and Black Lives Matter has forced me to take a step back to re-evaluate my own privilege & how my studio reflects that. I want everyone to feel loved, welcome and truly seen at @hamsapoweryoga. I want that as a yoga instructor as well. I see my daughter and am reminded that I am her role model; how can I teach her, through my own actions, how to always be an ally and stand up for what she knows to be just and kind?

What is one tip or advice you would give our community to help them live an inspired life? 

Never step back to make others like you more.

Sometimes I wont post something because I’m afraid that it’ll make someone dislike me, but then I realize that sharing my truth is more important than making sure that someone else is comfortable. Plus, if you (they) don’t like me because I’m being authentic, then we were never meant to be friends, I guess. It’s a sad truth, but it’s truth regardless. Take me as I am, for all that I am, or don’t take me all. Stay inspired and see who stays with you- keep those people close.