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Live Inspired: with Tyler Chanel

Tyler Chanel
Model, Blogger & Video Creator

Tell us about yourself and what you're passionate about.

My name is Tyler Chanel, I’m the creator of the ethical blog & YouTube channel Thrifts and Tangles. I am also a model based in Los Angeles, California. I am passionate about thrifting, sustainability, and social justice.

What's your mantra? 

Take up space or I am allowed to take up space.

Favorite book (current or all time)? 

I’m currently loving the book Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

How do you live inspired? 

I live inspired through learning! I love learning from people with different perspectives and interests than me. Knowledge is power and the key to living an inspired life. The more I learn, the more inspired I feel.

What is one tip or advice you would give our community to help them live an inspired life? 

Always be open to learning new things.