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Wednesday Wisdom: 4 Ways to Embrace Happiness

Are certain areas of life preventing you from finding happiness? Then you'll be interested in what the experts have to say. So, join us as we discover ways to find and maintain happiness.

Secrets to a Happy And Fulfilled Life

As far back as can be remembered, people have always sought happiness, mainly through various means such as wealth, love, family, fame, just to mention a few. It appears it’s hard-wired into our DNA hence the innate need for it.

However, mounting evidence suggests that not everyone who’s acquired the likes of wealth, fame, and family is necessarily happy. If anything, the increasing rate of divorces and broken homes certainly suggests that the pursuit of love and family life isn’t working for a lot of people. And if the lives of the likes of pop legend Michael Jackson is anything to go by, then it appears that wealth and fame don’t always bring fulfillment and happiness.

This begs the questions, “If money, fame, and family and the likes aren’t the prerequisites to happiness, then what is?” And if the famed and wealthy aren’t even happy, then what hope is there for the poor and middle class? So, what is this happiness that we are all searching for and yet can’t seem to find or maintain in our lives? Things really look grim, don’t they? Well, before you lose hope, you should know that there are many proven ways to find true happiness. But first, let’s define what it means to be truly happy.

What is Happiness?

True happiness can be defined as both the subjective momentary feeling of pleasure (contentment, joy) as well as the experience of meaning and fulfillment of a set goal in life. In order words, our happiness is tied to our dreams and goals, and it isn’t just in momentary experiences like what money can buy. It’s also in the relishing of the daily steps taken in the fulfillment of these goals or our purpose of living. And this is why many people either can’t find happiness or can’t seem to maintain it, because they focus solely on the set goal and not on the before and after of the goal.

A person is said to be truly happy if they relish not just in the end results but also in the process of achieving their life’s purpose (family, wealth, love, etc). So, how do we do that?

  1. Seeing positive in the negative
  2. Self-discovery
  3. Be kind to others
  4. To err is human

1.See the Positive in Negative Situations

Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t just happen. You have to create it, and it all starts with your mindset. What is your response to setbacks in life? Do you crumble and lose interest, or do you learn from your mistakes? It’s no secret that regardless of what fuels your ambitions in life; whether it’s family or wealth, life will always present you with obstacles that will get in the way of your happiness. And how you respond to them will go a long way to influence your happiness.

For instance, if you applied to job offers and failed in your interviews, a better response to the situation will be to learn how to pass interviews or present your CV in a better way. Without a doubt, such a positive mindset will definitely make your immune to regressing to self-pity. And you’ll have a better time being unemployed.

2. Self-discovery

Although it looks easy, self-discovery is one of the hardest things for people to do, especially at the teenage age. This is not surprising because teenagers will often give in to peer pressure and participate in activities contrary to their very nature, which will leave them vulnerable, unhappy, and drained.

It’s even more tragic amongst adults who haven’t discovered themselves because they go where the wind blows without any sense of direction in life. If this is any indication, it proves that self-discovery keeps you centered, self-assured, confident, and driven, which is a recipe for happiness.

3. Be Kind to Others

Kindness is an inherent human quality that automatically makes you feel good about yourself. So, why not? It’s a good way to bring meaning to your life and that of others. Being kind can be the prerequisite to establishing strong bonds with people who can be of great benefit to you in the future. So, the next time you are feeling down, try doing good to the less fortunate.

4. To Err is Human

As rightfully put by author Robert Muller, “to forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you’ll receive untold peace and happiness”. Being able to forgive yourself as well as others is a necessary skill for happiness. Because among other things, it prevents you from indulging negative emotions like hatred, self-pity, and self-doubt in the long term.

It goes without saying, life is full of ups and downs, and we aren’t always in full control of everything that happens around us. Fortunately, we can control our reactions to the happenings in our environment. If you want to create and truly live a happy and fulfilled life, then don’t rely on momentary highs to make you happy. Create it in your daily actions by being more forgiving, kind, patient, and being around like minded people. And not only will these actions keep you in a good mood, but they will also affect your productivity in a positive way.