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Wednesday Wisdom: 8 Ways Meditation Rewires Your Brain and Helps You Stay Calm

Today's world is a lot of things and stress and chaos are definitely some of them. It seems that we are all rushing through life these days. We are always in a hurry, always busy, always have somewhere to be or something to do. Though what we rarely have time for is us. We tend to sacrifice our peace and comfort for our plans and busy lifestyles. So many people experience burn out that it is getting scary. Our lives and peace of mind should be our constant top priority. Fortunately, there are ways how to achieve that. A well-designed self-care routine combined with regular meditation will help you to go through any stressful time with a calm and happy mind. So here are 8 ways how meditation helps to stay positive.

Enjoy the "Me Time"

First and foremost, meditation is all about you. It is your chance to dedicate some quality time to yourself. You find time to spend 10-20 minutes alone with yourself and your thoughts. You take control of your day and don't allow the world to interrupt this precious moment that you have with yourself.

Connect with yourself

First of all meditation is the way to spend some time with yourself. It sounds odd but how often during the day you pay attention to your inner voice? Do you hear it at all? Meditation is the perfect opportunity to stay calm and look deeper into your mode and to hear what you have to say. This will help you in understanding yourself and your emotions better, which ultimately leads to a happier you.

Lower your stress level

Meditation can serve you as a way to regulate your emotions. This, in turn, will lead to reducing your stress level. While meditating your heart rates slows up, allowing your brain to get more oxygen and your brain to refocus on your breathing.

Upgrade your lungs

We all need that we can't survive without oxygen. Though we don't know that we barely use our lungs to their medium capacity. Meditation helps to increase your lungs' capacity, bringing in more oxygen. This extra oxygen will feed your inner organs and brain. This improves your health and mood.

Create a routine

One of the meditation benefits is that it can be a great contributor to your morning or evening routine. Make it one of the basics in the routine and you'll soon notice the difference. It is the time to rewire your brain and tune in to your day (or night). Good routines help you to reduce anxiety and stress levels and build a better structure of your day.

Allow yourself to relax

Meditation can help you to wire your brain to the mood you need at the moment. With some time, as you position yourself to meditate, your brain will already know what to do. You set your mind to a relaxed mode, all your thoughts calm down, your breathing becomes fuller and mindful. You give yourself permission to relax and enjoy this time.

There are many other ways to achieve that, of course. Uplifting messages, such as in MantraBand, can serve you as a positive reminder to stay calm and in peace with yourself.

Concentrate better

One of many benefits of meditation is the ability to develop better attention and concentration. By practicing meditation regularly you develop a set of tools that can help you to retain a focus better. After weeks of meditation practices you will notice their effect.

Reduce any risks for your mental health

It is proven that meditation can reduce the symptoms of depression, lower anxiety, and social anxiety levels, help with insomnia, and much more. By meditating regularly you help your brain to find this sweet spot of peace and calm that will spill over into your everyday life as well.


We hope you have enjoyed our brief guide into the world of meditation. We truly believe that in our hectic and fast-paced life we all need some help. Meditation can be that help. Meditation is more than just a breathing practice or relaxation time. It is the way of saying that you are ready to slow down a bit and show yourself some love. All that matters really is your desire to help your brain, therefore yourself, to feel a little better. We hope you'll choose to try meditating and see the results for yourself. We wish you good luck and stay calm.


Sandra Larson is a freelance writer and yoga teacher. Sandra is proud to call herself a body and soul healer as she believes meditation and yoga lead to a happy and mindful lifestyle. When she doesn't teach yoga she loves to cook and read in parks.