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Wednesday Wisdom: How To Achieve Your Big Dream - Part 2

Last week we talked about “The Big One”. That dream that is so important to you. We also talked about how, as humans, we’re so good at generalizing our goals. Sometimes we’re not so good at making sure we know the actionable steps we need to take to reach them. We want you to break down that big dream into achievable goals. One way you can put your dream on the fast-track to achievement is by applying the “SMART” goal setting method. 

SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. It’s a simple tool you can use to go beyond the realm of a vision and into the satisfying land of dream achieved.

SPECIFIC - Thanks to the journaling exercise you completed last week, it should be easy for you to now define your goal with more focus. “Run 2 international marathons by 2022” is more meaningful than “Start running again”. Focused energies are powerful energies.

MEASURABLE - Write down dates or use a calendar or tracking app to help you stay on the path to success. A visible display of your goal such as a message on your mirror or refrigerator, a beautiful art print in your work space, or your MantraBand can serve as your constant reminder, to keep yourself on target.

ATTAINABLE - Dream big. Aim for the stars. And set realistic milestones for yourself that will move you toward that big goal. 

RELEVANT - Achievable dreams have one foot standing in reality. You may want to open an indoor farmers market, but if the two largest farmers markets in 6 counties are down the road, then your dream isn’t relevant … at least where you are right now. 

TIME-BASED - Dreams just don’t get achieved when there’s no time frame attached to them. Whether your goal is to become a yoga instructor for kids or to outsource a piece of your business, when will you accomplish that goal? 


Remember that the steps you outline for yourself will likely change over time. Set a reminder for yourself to check in on your goal. Look at it with fresh eyes and see what adjustments you need to make. Focus your energy on the steps that are yielding the results you want. 


On your way to achieving the Big Important Dream, you will be met with resistance. Feelings of unworthiness, or even wondering why in the world you ever wanted this at all! People around you may not understand or might be critical of you. Remember, there is no growth in comfort! 

Ask yourself what resistance you might encounter along the way. Will it come from within? Or will you need to fend off outside critics? Name it and acknowledge it so you can stay the course. 

Two steps forward, one step back is still forward! This is our challenge to you: visualize it, make it SMART, put yourself first, and keep moving forward. When you can feel the achievement with every fiber of your being, and know the specific steps you need to take to reach that result, you can keep yourself traveling in the right direction. Now go, live your dream! The best is yet to come.