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Live Inspired: with Caroline Adegun

Caroline Adegun

Tell us about yourself and what you're passionate about.

Dedicated to becoming a beacon of hope for struggling souls around the world, I have made it my life’s mission to provide a platform where I can help people live successful, satisfied, purpose-driven lives. In 2015, after surviving clinical depression, I founded I AM Loved Ministry, which has been dedicated to reminding people all over the world they are loved by God and other humans, and have a purpose on the earth no matter how challenging their circumstances may be. I have been committed to serving the homeless community by regularly hitting the streets and spending quality time with homeless individuals learning their stories, giving them gifts (including bracelets donated by MantraBand), praying for them, sharing a motivational word, hugging them, and providing them with resources to get back on their feet. I recently expanded my homeless outreach and ministry into the entertainment community and virtually. The Hollywood Wingwoman Talent, Inc is the first non-profit entertainment development firm; a safe haven where homeless and low income entertainers can run to whenever they are consumed and overwhelmed with failures and disappointments that the industry brings. The Hollywood Wingwoman Talent, is dedicated to providing essential survival needs and developing leaders in the entertainment space. I am also the the founder of ButGodCommunity™, which is a virtual community of 50,000+ people dedicated to empowering, supporting, and praying for one another. 

What's your mantra? 

"I am loved" and "What is for you, will never pass you". I affirm that I am loved by God, myself, and others no matter what I am going through. I affirm I am on this earth to fulfill a specific purpose and God has given me everything I need to succeed. I don’t have to look to the right or the left or compare myself to anyone else because what is for me, and who is for me, will never pass me. 


Favorite book (current or all time)? 

My favorite books currently are Relational Intelligence and Relationship Goals. These two books are teaching me the importance of having a healthy relationship with yourself and God before you can have a healthy relationship with others. I am also learning the importance of categorizing relationships to best protect access to my heart and expectations. 


How do you live inspired? 

I live inspired by being authentic, transparent, honest, and beautifully broken. I wake up everyday fully and genuinely loving God, myself, and others . I show myself grace and forgive myself easily. As a body positive model, I hope to serve as an example to women and men about loving their bodies at all sizes, ages, and phases in their life. 


What is one tip or advice you would give our community to help them live an inspired life? 

I would advise everyone to take time developing a personal intimate close relationship with themselves and God. Spend time alone and embark on a love journey.