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Wednesday Wisdom: Working From Home

One of our favorite questions to ask our community is about your morning routines. How people start their day is just so interesting! What do you do as soon as you wake up? Do you have a cuppa? Exercise? What time does your work day begin? With many of us suddenly finding ourselves working from home, it’s only natural that your schedule probably needs some finessing and you may even need to make some changes to your morning routine. Mornings have such an impact on the rest of the day and overall sense of wellbeing! 

Today we want to share some tips for working from home. We hope these tips inspire you to infuse some joy and presence into your remote work days. We know the days are getting long sometimes, and we want to help you work smarter and accomplish more!


What’s the one thing you need to do today in order to feel good about the day? It might be an item that’s been glaring at you from your to-do list for the past week. Or it might be calling your grandmother, or taking 10 minutes to make progress toward a goal. These things that can put a huge damper on our moods aren’t always typical work tasks, and that’s okay! If it will affect your happiness, it should be a priority.


When is the best time for you to work? Is it first thing in the morning? After a sweaty yoga sesh? 9 PM to midnight? You may not be able to fit all your work into this time frame but we want to challenge you to save your most important work for your best state of mind. The quality of your work will improve, and you’ll spend less time completing it! 

The other stuff? (We know, there’s so much of it!) Get that done during your other work blocks and set a timer. (More on this technique, here.) If your employer wants you to keep a more traditional work schedule, try to fit what makes sense into this schedule, or consider asking for more flexible hours while you work from home. 


Raise your hand if you’ve ever skipped a meal or eaten something quick and icky because you just want to get something done. (Yeah … we’re all raising our hands!) When we focus on fueling our bodies well, we have more energy and feel better!

No one’s work from home schedule is going to be perfect for anyone else, so figure out your perfect schedule and then stick to what works for you. Eat well, get outside if possible, and prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. You’ll get to all the items on your checklist exactly when you need to if you work smarter. 

Prioritizing what matters will improve your quality of life as you’re productive and set new goals from home, and live your life with intention!