Affirmations Instead of Resolutions

Do you have a New Year's resolution or two (or 10;) in mind? In kundalini yoga they say it takes 40 days to make, or break, a habit. Of course, major shifts can occur in an instant, as well! But a consistent effort of 40 days can truly seal the deal for lasting change in personal habits, too.

If the entire year ahead feels too overwhelming for which to make a promise to yourself, this video may be a comfort! Commit to 40 days and nights of a sustainable self-promise & see what happens.

If you miss a day, love yourself, commend your efforts, remember what impact your resolutions offer- & then firmly, gently, re-commit to a new 40 days. What changes are you making this year, for you and/or for others? You got this. We got this. Happy New Year!