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Live Inspired: with Aysel Gunar

Aysel Gunar
Founder, MantraBand

Tell us about yourself and what you're passionate about.

My name is Aysel. I’m a mom of two awesome kids, author, and founder of MantraBand. My two biggest passions are my family and MantraBand.  ⁠

What's your mantra? 

I have so many! And it changes frequently based on what I’m going through. In fact, you can almost follow my journey for the past 9 years if you look at the sequence of mantras we’ve launched in that time. Some of my current favorites are These Are the Days, I Am Enough, and Live in Harmony. 


Favorite book (current or all time)? 

Currently enjoying Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. I listen to Audible a lot, and this is one of my favorite listens so far.


How do you live inspired? 

I live inspired by creating harmony, alignment in life, living with gratitude, and enjoying life here and now. 


What is one tip or advice you would give our community to help them live an inspired life? 

Have a vision for your life and trust your journey. Having a vision helps you set short and long term goals. Trusting your journey helps you let go of expectations and disappointments, because you know that at the end, it will all work out for the best.